Neo4j 4 on Aura will initially not have multi-database capability by design.
As we get ready to release multi-database in the future, this feature request aims to capture demand and ensure the customer needs are understood.
Aura users have told us they would like to do 1 of the following things with Neo4j 4 in Aura specifically focussed on the use of the multi-database functionality.
a) build a Graph backed SaaS or application by creating 1 large Aura instance and dividing it into X many smaller databases. This solves 2 needs for end users 1) it's cost effective, they can pay for 1 database but get X many within that. 2) ease of management when integrating with their application, because they perceive they won't have to manage X many small individual databases.
b) continue my cloud centric development of a technical solution against Neo4j 4 on Aura, and be able to evaluate the feature, without any clear need for it right now.
c) just want to learn about multi-database and how it works in Aura.
Please upvote and comment on whether the need you are seeking to solve for with multi-database is a), b), c) or another need we've not heard yet.
If users have an idea of how many database instances you are expecting to be able to create in one large database in their scenario on Aura, we'd love to hear that too.