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Update - API Changes in V1Beta4 Release

We are excited to announce that we have released V1Beta4 of our API. This new version brings some significant improvements and enhancements to our service and we want to ensure you are aware of the changes.
Please read the following carefully as there are a number of changes encompassing new endpoints, modifications to existing ones and a few breaking changes with V1Beta4
New functionality
This is new functionality that we’re bringing to V1Beta4. It’s not expected that these will cause issues and can be introduced at your convenience. We do , as always, recommend testing.
GET /instances/<instanceId>/snapshots/<snapshotId>
We have introduced this new endpoint to retrieve details of a specific snapshot associated with an instance.
Use selected snapshot of the source instance used when using overwrite endpoint
It is now possible to choose which snapshot of the source instance that will be used when overwriting an existing instance. To do this, include
in the request body with
when performing a
POST /instances/<instanceId>/overwrite
Modified endpoints
We consider these changes to be those that you can adapt to at your discretion and timeline without disruption to existing functionality. Nevertheless, we recommend that you test your application to confirm your integration is working as expected.
Creating instances requires ‘cloud_provider’ to be supplied with
POST /instance
When making creating an instance the cloud provider must be specified as part of the request body. For example, to use GCP , add
to the request body.
GET /instance/<instanceId>
Additional fields
are returned as part of the response.
Full instance details are returned in the request response when using the following endpoints and operations:
POST /instances/<instanceId>/pause
POST /instances/<instanceId>/overwrite
POST /instances/<instanceId>/restore
POST /instances/<instanceId>/resume
DELETE /instances/<instanceId>
POST /instances/<instanceId>/snapshots
When creating a snapshot, this endpoint now returns
in the request response.
GET /instances
This endpoint now includes cloud provider information as part of the information in each instance.
Breaking changes
A breaking change is a change that may require you to make changes to your application in order to avoid disruption to your integration with the Aura API. The following are changes we consider breaking.
Content-Type header must be specified for all POST / PATCH requests
All POST/PATCH requests require the
header to be specified with the value
for example:
‘cloud_provider’ field moved in the JSON body response
When using GET /tenants the
field has been relocated to each entry in the
We understand that these changes may require some modifications to your existing integration. To ensure a smooth transition to V1Beta4, we recommend reviewing your codebase and updating it accordingly to accommodate these changes. For more information please see Aura API Docs or go direct to our latest V1Beta4 swagger spec.
If you have any questions or need assistance with the migration, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to help you throughout the process.
The Aura Product Team