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New: Aura API Beta now open to Aura Enterprise users!

We're thrilled to announce the preview release of Aura API.
Delivered as a Beta to Aura Enterprise initially, Neo4j Aura API helps users automate database operations.
  • Customers configure access to the API by setting up credentials within the Aura Console.
  • API credentials are customer specific and can be revoked by the customer or Neo4j as required.
  • Create, Read, Pause/Resume, Resize, Backup, Restore, Clone, and Delete operations will be supported in the initial release.
  • Aura API is being designed to enable developers to integrate Aura databases into their DevOps pipelines and test changes throughout the stack.
For more information please see our Aura Docs
To join the Aura API beta program please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager today!
Aura Team