Neo4j Ops Manager v1.0 available
Ops Manager
Hello all,
We are pleased to announce the release of Neo4j Ops Manager version 1.0.0!
This version is available to download for Enterprise Edition self-managed customers from the download page here.
It is available for Linux tar installations and Windows zip installations running Neo4j Enterprise Edition 4.4 or later.
With this version you can
  • See the status of all your DBMSs in one place with the
    Home Page
  • Monitor and manage single instance and cluster DBMSs
  • Get
    when DBMS, instance or agent is down
  • See the topology view in
    Status Panel
    of DBMS, instances and databases, including leadership
  • See charts of metric history for host, instance and databases with the
  • Manage your Role-Based Access Control with
    Security Manager
  • Preview: View available updates and support dates with
    Upgrade Manager
We hope you enjoy our initial release, and look forward to hearing your feedback.
Team Ops-Manager.