Patch 1.7.2 for Neo4j Ops Manager is now available to download.
This contains a small number of fixes which were not ready in time for the 1.7 release:
  • Fix issue where instance status events for unknown instances lead to duplicate EventSpecs resulting in errors in the persistence DBMS
  • Fix issue where alert ‘Failed to get neo4j config for max heap size’ was being shown when metrics namespaces are enabled
  • Handle the fact that composite databases return a null value for role in
  • Fix issue where NOM server being unavailable resulted in a monitored Neo4j instance becoming unavailable. (Due to the custom query log appender in log4j blocking on writing to the socket).
  • Stop sending query parameters from Neo4j instance to NOM agent
  • Helm Chart no longer requires secret in values.yaml - can now be referenced
We recommend that you apply this patch version to your implementation.