The Aura CLI provides customers with a command line interface to perform operations in Neo4j Aura
The Aura CLI is a command line interface created for Neo4j Aura as a Neo4j Labs Project that allows you to Create, List, Pause/Resume, Resize, Backup, Restore, Clone, and Delete Neo4j Aura databases from the terminal. Built in Neo4j Labs, the Aura CLI showcases how the Aura API can be used to achieve management tasks without the need for manual operations in the Aura Console.
Please see the Aura CLI documentation for more information and how you can get started using it. As this is a Neo4j Labs project, we welcome you to take part in Aura CLI's future by providing feedback or writing code.
Like any other Neo4j Labs project, Aura CLI is supported via the online community. It is actively developed and maintained, but Neo4j does not provide any SLAs or guarantees around backwards compatibility and deprecation.
Have fun at the command prompt!
Aura Product Team.