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Latest Neo4j version 5.18 on Aura!

All Aura v5 databases are now running the latest Neo4j version 5.18.
Surface for Developers and Data Scientists
  • The GenAI Plugin introduces and defaults to a new vector search index provider, vector-2.0, which brings: Support for up to 4096 dimensional vectors and integral element vectors, An improved cosine similarity implementation & Relationship vector indexes.
  • Added support in the GenAI Plugin for the OpenAI text-embedding-3-large and text-embedding-3-small models. These new models have the optional dimensions::INTEGER configuration option, as they support shortening on both OpenAI and Azure OpenAI.
  • Added support for using Azure OpenAI as the embedding provider in the GenAI Plugin. (Documentation of the GenAI Plugin is here.)
Language and Graph Model
  • Extended the Simple CASE expression to allow predicate expressions (e.g. WHEN IS NOT NULL THEN 1) and comparison operators (e.g. WHEN <1 THEN 'small', and also to allow comma-separated WHEN operands (e.g. WHEN 'red', 'blue', 'green' THEN 'colourful'). (Documentation is here.)
  • INSERT can now be used as a synonym of CREATE when creating graph elements (documentation is available here).
Vector index updates:
  • Added pairwise vector similarity functions vector.similarity.euclidean and vector.similarity.cosine (documentation is available here).
  • CREATE VECTOR INDEX for relationship vector indexes (requires 'vector-2.0' index provider)
  • Support for indexes and queries with LIST<INTEGER|FLOAT> to help accommodate some implicit conversions that can occur with Cypher.
  • Documentation for vector indexes is here; see also documentation for syntax and procedures.
Please refer to the changelog for full details of the changes.