We are excited to announce the
General Availability (GA)
of the Aura API for all customers with billing applied on the Aura console, and customers with integrations to our AWS and GCP cloud marketplaces.
Aura API has been tested with Enterprise customers since late 2022, and now has additional capabilities to manage all instances (including Free).
Combined with our Labs CLI project which allows access via the command line, the Aura API enables developers to integrate Aura databases into their DevOps pipelines and test changes throughout the stack.
The API allows requests at the Instance and Tenant level. Customers can: Create, Destroy, View, Edit, Pause, Resume, Snapshot, and Restore instances. At the tenant level customers can return the list of tenants and the details of an individual tenant.
How do I get access to the Aura API?
Navigate to the Aura console, click on your email address in the top navigation, then to 'Account details'. The API credentials section is available to start creating credentials. Please be aware that the credentials are not saved in the console, and you should download and store these safely.
Where is my tenant ID?
Your tenant ID can be accessed by navigating to the tenant selector in the top navigation of the Aura Console, or through the /tenants endpoint
Monosnap Aura API for Self Serve - Google Docs 2023-12-06 12-25-09
Where can I find additional help and documentation?
Please see our Neo4j documentation to get started and use the OAS API docs to learn more about the endpoints available and test drive API functionality.