Thank you for participating in our private beta program for the Neo4j Aura provisioning API! Your feedback is invaluable in helping us develop and refine our product, and we truly appreciate your time and effort in testing the API and providing us with your feedback.
As we prepare to move to the next stage of our beta program*, we would like to gather your thoughts and feedback on the API, including its endpoints, performance, documentation, and overall user experience. We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete this brief 5-point questionnaire, which will help us to improve the API and make it even better for future users.
We would love to hear any additional feedback or comments you may have as well. Your input is essential to help us improve the product and make it the best it can be.
Thank you again for your participation in our private beta program. We are grateful for your support and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on the API. We're excited to be taking this journey with you, and we hope that you are too!
*we will soon be releasing v1Beta3 and we will be deprecating v1Beta1 & v1Beta2. At this point, we will also require new client credentials to be created, which will put us in a better position for expanding the API in the future.